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What if the gods of ancient mythology were not just a figment of human imagination but a real and tangible presence in human history? What if the indigenous peoples of ancient America were not just a primitive culture but the true inheritors of a divine bloodline that stretches back to the earliest days of human civilization? These provocative questions are explored in "America The Bloodline of Gods And Civilizations."
Drawing on a vast array of historical, archaeological, genealogy, anthropological, and spiritual evidence, this book makes the case that the ancient World's gods were not distant and aloof but actively involved in human affairs, guiding, inspiring, and sometimes punishing their mortal subjects. Through an exploration of the myths, legends, and religious practices of ancient American cultures, we see how these societies had a deep reverence for the divine and a belief in gods who interacted with humans in tangible ways.
But the evidence for a divine connection goes beyond mythology and religion. Through an examination of the archaeological record, we see how the art, architecture, and artifacts left behind by ancient Americans reveal a profound understanding of the spiritual World. And through an analysis of the genetic and anthropological Evidence, we see how ancient Americans' unique physical features and cultural practices suggest a biological connection to a divine lineage.
Ultimately, "America Bloodline of the Gods and Civilization" offers a bold and compelling argument for why the indigenous peoples of ancient America are the true inheritors of a divine bloodline that stretches back to the earliest days of human civilization.
By synthesizing evidence from multiple disciplines and perspectives, this book provides a new and illuminating perspective on the ancient American past and its enduring significance for today's World.


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